Education Management System - Global Tek Soft

Education Management System - Global Tek Soft

Global Tek Soft proposes a comprehensive Education Management System which manages complete students’ data and records, their different types of fees, promotions and all type of activities that helps to run the transition of daily working in the school premises

This also includes many important features likely; GR number assign, appointments with principal and teachers, Registration process, Admissions, Medical records, Classroom Management, Custom Fee Templates, Student’s Profile Management, Fee challan formats, Scholarships, benefits and other miscellaneous expenses, Promotion and Transfers.

Our Education Management System also featured Attendance, SMS alert and notifications portal for parents, Certificates of Various types and most important of all the reports as per the desired format and much more. Besides it also has complete integration with the account module and helps keeps the collection and payment structure balanced.

Thus it’s a complete one stop solution to all School requirements that can be managed easily and securely over LAN.

Functionalities of School Management System

School Management Software is the system design for professional educational institutions which contains the set of instruction which we had used to perform manually. With the passage of time & advancement, data recording, Management and book-keeping are now done via software with fewer chances of errors and blunders. This School Management System can maintain all your manual work from attendance record to Leaving Certificate, from custom reporting to parents interaction portal all can done via this human friendly software.

  • Register a Student
  • Appointment Management for Principal – admission process
  • Assign GR Number
  • Room Allocation
  • Fee Template Generator
  • Fee Challans Generator
  • Promotion
  • Attendance Handling


Administrator has the most important role in the system who is responsible to add system features as processes and modules. Right now the Administrator performs following tasks.

  • Admit New Student
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Define Fee Structures
  • Make various fees templates on request
  • Assign Miscellaneous Charges to all or limited students based on any criterion
  • romote Students
  • Assign Roll Numbers
  • Generate Automatically certificates at the time of School Leaving
  • Staffing

Security Administrator

Security management is the heart of every system which needs secure data keeping. Our robust security features allow the Administrator to give and restrict access to the users according to his/her job specification. The main features in our school management software are:

  • Assign User
  • Define Roles
  • Assign User Rights
  • User log Maintenance