E-Commerce Website Development

An e-commerce website is a website where people can directly buy products. You have probably used a number of e-commerce websites before, most big brands and plenty of smaller ones have one. Any type of website that includes a shopping cart and a way for you to provide credit card information to make a purchase into this category.

If you are setting up a website for your business and plan to sell your products through the site, then this is the type of website you need to build this is good for your e-commerce business.

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There are some specific steps you have to be sure to include when building an e-commerce website, like investing in ecommerce software and getting your SSL certificate to ensure your customers can pay safe and securely. And you will want to make sure your web design and copy are all crafted with the site’s main goal in mind: making sales.

E-commerce websites can be an extension of a business you already have, or become something you build a new business around.

Fast Commerce is a custom built ecommerce IT solution. Your ecommerce dream is too big to be compromised on a low quality Site (Website). Forget using a pre-made Ecommerce Website Design Template that so many other companies use that is not good for your business. Instead GTS provides you a fully custom made design and fully extendable development that you can rely on.

Majority of ecommerce websites use pre-made templates which are heavy to load on servers and difficult to change. Typically, the designs are copied to other sites and the development quality is very low and poor. In the end, you end up running a poor quality online presence.

With E-Commerce, things are very different. With E-Commerce, you get a fully genuine and customized theme designed especially for your online business. The programming is solid and we can easily modify any of the functional elements to suit your personal business purpose. In simple, if you are taking E-Commerce seriously, E-Commerce is your best option.

A lot of international clients get their E-Commerce websites developed from Pakistani website designing companies. Developing an online shop (store) is indeed a critical job as it involves online transactions as well as critical customer data which must be protected in order to maintain credibility in the digital market. In all of this, there come online payment processing part which requires excellent field knowledge and technical skill and good collaboration with online payment processing companies or online bank. Given blow are major components and E-Commerce website that must be kept in mind before thinking of launching an online store:

Website Design

A E-Commerce website design required special and unique skills. Instead of a typical banner type website, the online store website is meant not just to give information of your products but also sell your products. Its design demands that the visitor is not just satisfied in terms of available information but he/she makes a quick decision to buy a product from your website on the basis of the given information. So the design has to be attractive and unique, engaging the client and at the same time very direct and to the point.

Content Pages

An online shop website also needs a number of content page which provide useful information (of the product) to the prospective customers about various aspects of the website such as how to buy a products from your website, information on the E-Commerce company, return rules and policy and information on tracking product order. The owner of the E-Commerce website must try to provide all useful information that a customer may need in order to make a decision to buy a product fastly and also removes all of his/her doubts and questions.

Product Catalog

Indeed this is the most important part of the E-Commerce website. Most of E-Commerce websites come with a back office from where the admin of the site can add products and organizer them into different categories as required in site. The product catalog when presented on the front end is easy to navigate and clear to understand to the customers. Your customer should be able to reach the required product with as much ease as possible. On E-Commerce Website should also be a product search option from where the customer should be bale to search any product quickly and quite easily. The search is just like a Google search which means that the customer can product a search term and the website returns with relevant products result on the site. The Additional features may include bookmarking a product or putting into favorites list so that the customer can revise the short listed products before making a purchase decision of product.

Online Order Placement

An online store is incomplete without an online order placement strategy. Its quite customary that a E-Commerce website employs a shopping cart system on site. This means that a customer can keep browsing their required product catalog and keep adding the required products in the shopping cart (a online basket). At the end of the product adding, the client can review the shopping cart and make the payment once for all the purchases products.

Online Payment Processing:

There are many ways to accept payments from an online store E-Commerce website. So many Banks as well as online payment processing companies are working out there offering online payment solutions for customers around the world like bank systems etc. So, for each country, you may come across different options as all banks and online payment processing companies do not offer services to all countries and all businesses. Typically, PayPal is one of the most prominent and widely accepted online payemnts solution which is trusted by millions of online stores world wide. In addition to this information, there are also other banks and online payment processing companies working for E-Commerce websites. It is highly recommended that you make a check of which companies or online banks are offering services in your particular area etc.


Each E-Commerce site comes with a back office system to list down all the recent orders with Shipment information. The owner gets to know where the order has to be shipped. Also with, the order status must be changed so that the customer is notified that his/her order has been shipped by the online retailer store (online store). It's a plus point that your E-Commerce website automatically send email/sms alert to the customer notifying that his/her order has been shipped with all the shipment details this is good for your business.

Order Tracking

Your E-Commerce website should provide order tracking option to your customer. You can offer creation of account to the customer where the customer can see full list of his/her orders and track their delivery status this thing is helpful for them. This indeed is a very pivotal customer service feature which must be easy to use and functional with all the details that a online customer may need in order to be satisfied that his/her order is rightly handled.

Custumer Services

Most E-Commerce websites come with an online chat feature system so that the customers can be answered about any query right on the spot at the time of their finding for a product. So websites do offer toll-free or dedicated phone contact numbers so that clients can be replied on cell phone. Supporton Email should also be provided as some customer are not in hurry and feel comfortable with written online answers.

E-Commerce Website Features

  • Categories & Brands
  • Manage Products
  • Order Online Form
  • Custom Pages
  • Live Chat
  • Product Search
  • SEO Optimized
  • Contact Form
  • Social Media Integration
  • Special Offers & Discounts
  • Shopping Cart Management
  • Multi Payments Integrations
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Custom Design for Every Client
  • Modern Designs
  • Dashboard
  • Order Management
  • Sales Reports
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