About Us - GTS

About - Global Tek Soft

Global Tek Soft is a Creative Web Designing & Custom Website Development, SEO Company in Lahore Pakistan. GTS Offer eCommerce, Mobile App Development, Internet Marketing in Lahore and all over Pakistan.

You can trust our prominent key competencies in experience, skillfulness, after sale support and determination to meet your expectations. Our untiring passion for brilliance is our Endeavour to emerge as one of the world's key software IT resources.

Our IT Company has proven with time that we fulfill our commitment no matter what the situation is. GTS are well known in the market for our honesty and our quick problem re-solutions. GTS make sure that we provide optimum and permanent solutions for your problem. GLOBAL TEK SOFT team consists of highly Qualified Web Designers, Web Developers and Marketers in Pakistan. GTS team is Extremely Energetic, Determined and Hrdworking. We are Proud to say that all of our Projects are Unique and New to the All IT Industry.Our company is the only place where you can find customized Web Solutions and App Solutions for all IT/Marketing related problems under one roof. We ensure that our clients get completely satisfied from our IT Solution.

Global Tek Soft is not only focusing on Web Design and Development but is also excelling in other areas like IT consultancy, Email and SMS Marketing, Web Hosting and Software development. In each of the fields we have hired talented and experienced personals.


To reach the summit of excellence we need to work as a team and render the highest possible standards using latest tools and IT technologies.


GTS hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, always honoring our commitments. GTS take personal responsibility for our actions, and treat everyone justly, with trust and respect.


GTS is committed to transparency and the free flow of IT information, regardless of rank and power, so everyone has access to the most complete data resulting in superior Decision making at all levels. GTS strive for open and Honest Communication Between Customers and Employees.


GTS recognize our competitive advantage is, and always will be, people. We continuously learn, share ideas and knowledge. We believe influence should be based on Technical Competence and Knowledge.


Satisfied and Happy Customers are essential to our success. We achieve total customer satisfaction by understanding precisely what they want and Delivering it flawlessly and consistently at GTS.


We strive for continuous Quality improvement in everything that we do, so we will rank among the world's premier firms in Customer and Employee Satisfactiona and Happiness.


Global Tek Soft has a world-class offshore Software Development Center in Lahore Pakistan. The GTS facility has excellent physical and technological infrastructure.

Human Resources

  • A professional team of 20-25 developers and designers makes the core of Global Tek Soft.
  • The dynamic team of IT professionals spanning diverse experience, academic backgrounds, and skill levels.
  • The Tremendous capability of our team is evident in the projects Executed for our clients throughout the world.

Physical & Hardware Resources

  • A professional team of 20-25 developers and designers makes the core of Global Tek Soft.
  • The dynamic team of IT professionals spanning diverse academic backgrounds, skill levels and Experience.
  • The tremendous capability of our team is evident in the projects executed for our clients throughout the world.

Communications & Connectivity

  • High speed Broadband DSL internet connection
  • High speed local area network & Wifi
  • 24x7 Internet and e-mail access to all team members
  • UPS & Power Generator powered energy backup facility

Security & Backup

  • Physical security through restricted access
  • Network security by firewall implementations and other isolation mechanisms
  • Latest Virus protection and intrusion detection software, safeguarding data and Workstations
  • Regular data backup strategy Ensures on-site and off-site data backup

Global Tek Soft website development project process is divided into 7 functional stages:

  • Software Requirement Study (SRS) preparation
  • Project Plan
  • Functional Prototyping
  • Web Application Development
  • Testing
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance